List of Singapore Banks

Deutsche Bank Singapore

This is also a major bank in Singapore that has foreign bank full qualifying privileges. It operates in 1 city and has 1 major branch. It offers Asset & Wealth Management, Global Transaction banking, Corporate Banking & Securities. Read more »

Far Eastern Bank Limited

This is a fully chartered domestic bank. It offers personal and corporate banking services. It offers wealth creation and management services, insurance, loans and consumer deposits. Read more »

Development Bank of Singapore

This bank offers a wide range of quality services from the corporate to personal banking services, the bank customers are more than four million and has worn the award on the safest bank in the Middle East for four consecutive years. Read more »

Post Office Savings Bank

It operates as a subsidiary bank of the Development Bank of Singapore and has been providing services to customers since 1988. Read more »

Overseas Chinese Banking Corporation

OCBC bank was formed by the merging of three banks and is among the oldest banks in Singapore, offering services on overseas credit management. Read more »

Standard Chartered Bank

This global bank and it offers services to both business people and the consumers such cross border solutions, international fixed income, funds management and risk management services. Read more »

United Overseas Bank

The UOB is one of the banks that is considered to be customer centric and offers services covering a number of frontiers including allowing the customers to make payments by using pay bill numbers, transfer services, make deposits and services on investments and insurance. Read more »

HSBC Singapore

This is also one of the major commercial bank in Singapore that offer unique services to the customers including bill payments, personal banking services and loan advice. Read more »


This is one of the oldest banks that has been operating in Singapore since 1902. It offers a range of financial services to customers which include the investment facilities and offering mortgage services to the customers. Read more »

Bank of America Singapore

BoA has branches all over the world and is deemed to be the best bank for offering services relating to foreign exchange and has branches all over Singapore. Read more »

Barclays Bank

In Asia the biggest office of Barclays bank is located in Singapore and mainly deal with services that focus on the private business and has branches on the global functions. Read more »

State Bank of India

This also one of the banks among the top 20 banks in Singapore, and offers services that include credit services to the customers, the bank also offer investment services. Read more »

American Express

Bank Is considered to be one of the financial providers that offer specific banking services including the exchange rates services to the customers and also mortgage services. Read more »

Bank of China Singapore

The bank of China is one of the banks that offer corporate banking in Singapore, the services that it offers include deposits, offer personal loans and also in the remittance and exchange rates. Read more »

RHB Bank Bhd

This is an upcoming bank that has overtaken the others due to the quality of the services that it offers. The services that the bank offers include credit services. Read more »

Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi Ltd

This a Japanese bank that has branches in Singapore and is amount the largest banks that is used in the Middle east for the foreign exchange. Read more »

Malayan Banking Berhad

This a Malaysian bank offering services such as customer advice on trade, and also takes part in the trade industry and the customer services such as deposits and withdrawals. Read more »

ABN Amro Bank

The bank that has been coming up for a number of years by now and offer services that including the deposits and private company services such as the credit services to the customers and also services such as the bill payments that is used in minimizing the cases of theft since there is less use of liquid money. Read more »

BNP Paribas Singapore

This is one of the banks that offer the maximum number of employment to the people in Singapore as a result of the large number of services that they offer to the people. Read more »

Bank of East Asia Ltd

The head office of the bank is located in India and the branch in Singapore is one of the subsidiaries. The bank offers services such as the foreign exchange rates and the common customer services such as the withdrawal and deposits that are made by the customers. Read more »

Indian Overseas Bank

The bank offers services that are considered to be for the people living in the outside of their country and help them in the service such as the advice on the foreign exchange rates and the tax that they face in their business with the respective advice on the ways they can use to minimize the costs. Read more »

UCO Bank

The bank offers services such as guidance on the remittance to the customers and also offer services including deposits and withdrawals by the customers. Read more »

Commonwealth Bank Singapore

This is fully chartered foreign bank. It majors on personal, internet and business banking and has 1 branch. Read more »