Are you traveling through Singapore and stopping over on your way? Do you want to know the best the money tips and best helpful resources online?

I have put together a list of essential items and tips that personally do when i travel to the Netherlands. In addition to this i have also compiled a list of useful resources online that i use to get the best value deals when i am traveling. These include some really low priced booking sites. See below.

My Essential Travel Gear

RFID protected wallet:

I always make sure i take my RFID protected wallet. This stops any possible scammers from coming close to me and trying to lift my bank card’s details wirelessly and therefore steal money from me. Singapore has many ATMs and there have been some cases of foreign criminals lifting electronic information from people using RFID devices. My girlfriend uses a women’s RFID protected purse.


RFID Protector Money Belt:

I also pack my Alpha Keeper money belt which has built in RFID protection. This allows me to carry a second stash of concealed cash on me while i am traveling. I highly recommend it. Shopping malls in Singapore are very safe but if you are walking the back streets of the Singapore markets or walking in parks or wildlife areas then a a money belt would be handy.


TSA Lock with Search Alert:

I never leave my country with out these TSA Locks with Search Alert. I love them because they tell me if my lock has been opened and my bag has been tampered with by baggage handling staff. The Search Alert dot will turn red instead of green if the lock has been opened by someone with a TSA key. Fortunately with the amount of times i have traveled around the world and Singapore i have never personally seen the dot turn red yet but some of my friends have reported items being lifted from their bags.


I like to read, so instead of packing space and weight consuming books in my bag. I bring my Kindle, i can download and carry all my e-books with me and read them when i am on the plane traveling to Singapore.


I use a Nikon camera for our travel photos and videos, we have never had a problem with it. It is a sturdy and maintenance free, it is great for beginners but has all the options and functions for the professionals. If you are like me and want to cover all your bases then this can be a great choice! When in Singapore you will want to take some nice photographs especially with the beautiful skyline and beautiful beaches in the Arab state.

Portable Charger:

Nothing is worse when you are traveling to Singapore and you have a phone that is running low on battery. The last thing you want happen to you is to become lost in Singapore after using google maps on your phone to try to find your hotel at night and your battery becomes flat. You can’t remember the name of the hotel or the location of the hotel to tell any Singapore Taxi driver. Its because of this hypothetical scenario why I use an Anker battery bank external charger.


There is nothing quite like bluetooth (wireless) noise cancelling headphones. These are essential if you don’t like the constant loud drum of airplane noises and want to listen to some nice relaxing tunes or meditation while on the plane. I use these all the time and make sure i pack these with me when i head to Singapore.

USB Phone Charging Cable:

I always find it very useful to have my phone’s USB cable at hand when i am traveling on the plane (i fly Emirates when i can). Plugging your phone into the USB port in your seat can help you fully charge your phone while you sleep or listen to tunes from your phone. So when you hit the ground running you will have a full battery when you arrive. No more stressing out. I use a two-in-one Android/Iphone USB charging cable as my partner has an iPhone and i have an android.

Travel Adaptor:

I use an Uppel all in one world travel adaptor. Its tiny, fits the purpose of charging my electronic devices where ever i may end up in the world.


Bag Scales:

I always pack a compact hanging bag scales in with my luggage as i often accumulate lots of stuff during my travels. There is nothing worse than paying for over weight bags on your flight home. I manage my bag weight with this small investment. I use an Inspira digital hanging scale.

Shower Body Wipes:

I don’t know about you but i sweat a lot when i am carrying my bags around with me. I personally like to have these Dude shower body wipes with me just in case of an emergency. I generally pack 2 or 3 in my bag on any trip and use them on a long haul flight or when im out trekking.


Good pair of Polarized Sunglasses:

Always a good idea to take a pair of sunglasses with you especially when going to Singapore, but if you can take a pair that is polarized then even better. Your eyes will thank you for it later. I wear Maui Jim sunglasses because they are near impossible to break (they are very bendy) and they are very light to wear and cling to my head. My girlfriend wears Vuarnet polarised sunglasses.


Travel Insurance

1 Cover: I always insure myself with these guys as i most often get the best price when im traveling abroad.

World Nomads: This is also another one that i have heard to be very good. Lots of my backpacking/trekking buddies use this one.


Cheapflights: This is one of the first sites i look up to search for cheap flights. They tend to have some ripper seasonal deals to Europe through Singapore.

Homestay: A great site to save huge amounts of money on accommodation while you are in Singapore and Europe.

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